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Oh, how beautiful youth is...

5 September
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I've now had livejournal long enough to realise what I wanker I was. I imagine that in a few years time I feel the same of me now. In fact I'd say it's highly likely I am still an utter twat.
22-20's, all about my mother, american beauty, andy c, bass guitar, bass players, beatles, being english, being swiss, ben elton, big ben, bill nighy, blank cds, blindside, bloc party, blur, bob marley, body count, bowling, brit pop, buckingham palace, buis les baronnies, burning brides, buying cds, central london, che guevara, cheese, conversing, cooking, cutting my own hair, dancing, das experiment, david bowie, deftones, detroit cobras, driving, drugs, drum&bass, ewan mcgregor, fabrizio moretti, faithless, flea, foreign films, gael garcia bernal, getting stoned, gigs, glastonbury 2004, granny smiths, grapes, grumpy old men, hampstead heath, hats, hendrix, html, hunter s thompson, ice skating, irvine welsh, jake gyllenhaal, janis joplin, jeff buckley, john frusciante, john peel, johnny depp, jove, julian casablancas, kasabian, kentish town pool club, kings of leon, knowledge, latin america, learning spanish, life!, lost in translation, marijuana, meeting new people, michael c hall, middle class, moby, monkey nuts, motorcycle diaries, mp3 players, muse, museums, music, my bedroom, n.e.r.d, nerve, nirvana, odeon theme tune, peaches, photography, pistachio nuts, pj harvey, playing bass, playing pool, primal scream, pulp, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, radio 4, radiohead, rage against the machine, ralph steadman, red double decker buses, rem, reservoir dogs, rock music, rolling stones, roni size, ross noble, santa esmeralda, santana, sex, shit pop, sitting in cars, six feet under, smoking, south france, spanish, spearhead, spoon, squat raves, squaters, squats, swiss people, switzerland, the british, trainspotting, travelling, ts elliot, tube, tufnell park, walking, watching movies, wes bentley, will self, windows media player, youth